Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harmony Tip: Rejuvenate

Tuesdays are now dedicated to tips all about creating harmony and organization in your home :)

Harmony Tip #1:  No matter how many minutes a day you have all to yourself, find or create a special place in your home that is all yours to relax and rejuvenate. Grab the magazines that just arrived in the mail or your latest book selection and retreat to your serene spot. Make sure you have some of your favorite things nearby like a favorite scented candle, something to play some relaxing music or a small vase for your favorite seasonal flower . This is your time all to yourself so make it personal. Be sure to remove any reminders of stress like to do lists, bills or stacks of papers. Leaving the cell phone behind for a few minutes won't kill you. Take the time to pamper yourself..... you deserve it!

My sun filled spot for quiet time, reading and sipping tea


  1. Love your blog. Love this tip. HNY!

  2. I must must MUST know where you got that gorgeous silver floor lamp from! I need it in my life!


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