Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Party - Homemade Tablescape

With a limited budget this year for my annual holiday party, I was determined to come up with buffet table and dessert table themes that used my existing decor items. I used my rock crystal votives, mercury glass candlesticks and silver cake stand my mother bought me from an antique shop to add candlelight and shine for my buffet table. I sprinkled in some homemade crafts that were easy and inexpensive to create to finish off the glittery tablescape. The color scheme was wintery white & silver, light green and acqua blue. I took some old ornaments and gave them a new coat of glitter in this color scheme and then conquered the feather christmas tree craft. I added some glitter to the feathers of the trees for some extra sparkle. Check out my already published how to blog on details of both crafts.

My wintery holiday party buffet table

The candlelight bounced off the glittered ornaments and the silver antique cake stand for a glittery glam look.

The hydrangea and the craft supplies for the trees were the only items I had to purchase. All under $20.

For those eco-minded folks, take your existing ornaments and add them to branches found outdoors for a themed christmas tree. This one was displayed on my holiday party peppermint themed dessert table.

What are you planning for your holiday tablescape? Share your comments below. Happy Holidays!

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