Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Agate home accessories

I love using home accessories made from natural elements and there are a lot of agate home accessories out right now that are fantastic. Curious about exactly what I was purchasing, I found out some basic facts about agate and wanted to share some of my favorite agate finds. 

Agate Facts:
Agate is a microcrystalline variety of quartz (silica), chiefly chalcedony, characterized by its finesse of grain and brightness of color. The name is derived from its occurrence at the Achates River in southwestern Sicily.  Agate is the most common variety of chalcedony which is a form of quartz. Agate is, in fact, identical with quartz in composition and physical properties. Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks. Agate is a common semiprecious silica mineral that has long been used as a gem and ornamental. Agate is one of the most common materials used in the art of hardstone carving, and has been recovered at a number of ancient sites, indicating its widespread use in the ancient world.

perfect colorful clocks for your bedside or desk
I love the sophistication of this gray version
wish these came in other colors
there are lots of colorful agate bookends on the market but these are very unique
adorable small agate frames.  my fave colors below

table top agate accessories that come in multiple colors too

add some spice to your table setting with these napkin ring holders

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Agate Folklore, Legend, and Healing Properties:

Agate is said to have mystical powers to guard one against danger, to cure insomnia, to ensure pleasant dreams and to help with clarity enabling one to see the world through a broader perspective. It attracts good fortune, increases concentration and promotes good will. 

Agate is reported to be an aid in overcoming flaws, fears, and loneliness. It is believed to remove curses and spells and helps to eliminate bad luck. Many believe that agate has a calming effect during times of stress and that it gives a sense of strength and courage. It is thought to stimulate fertility and to be advantageous in relieving bone marrow ailments and allergies. Artists and writers have also used agate to enhance creativity.

stylish and sophisticated agate inspired boxes to hide small bits

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  1. Agates are beautiful stones classically associated with volcanic rock. It's gruff on the outside and elegant on the inside.


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