Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drab to Fab: Slipper chair update

I am thrilled how my client Lindsay's bedroom chair turned out after we reupholstered it with a fun flirty fabric. I have blogged about this apartment update on a budget project before and finally I have another update.  We took a second hand chair that my client purchased for $50 (you can find a similar one at Target or another low end retailer) and spiced it up with a pink geometric fabric. The color scheme in the bedroom is gray, fuchsia and pink with pops of additional color. Check out the newly upholstered chair below with four different pillow options depending on your style. My fave is the Missoni of course :). 

The drab before:

This Missoni accent pillow is my fave:

Which accent pillow is your favorite?


  1. I agree! The colorful striped pillow is the perfect size and the perfect pattern to accent that super cute chair!!

  2. I love it withe multi stripe! Lindsay is going to LOVE it! LSG

  3. There is a certain touch of class within this chair. It is a highlight of all things chic.

  4. I love what you did on this chair. The chair looks awesome and perfectly girly. The pillow really adds accent to the chair. The color pink fabric you used is also incredulous. You must really like the color pink. Don't you?


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