Thursday, February 3, 2011

Harmony tip: Clutter clean up

Happy Chinese New Year! I know not everyone is a believer in Feng Shui but I have incorporated some of it's recommendations this new year and have seen lot of benefits thus far. Clutter tangles the flow of chi energy and creates a stagnant environment. I consider myself a pretty organized person but this is my year to live a more harmonious life and clear out the clutter that I never use.  We all have long lists of to do's but never seem to get to them all done quick enough so here are five simple achievable tips to get you started for the rest of this month to clear the clutter out of your home so the universe brings you more good things. So far, I finally organized my linen closets, bathroom cabinets and kitchen pantry. 

Make a list of what you want to accomplish in each room.  It's easier if you create the list according to priority and then assign one item on the list for each week. If you can do more than one in a week, go for it!

Linen closet:

  • Rearrange shelving & bins so that like items are assembled together and then label the shelf. I know this sounds crazy but it is really helpful when visitors need to grab something from the linen closet.
  • Tuck the sheet set inside one of its pillowcases, and then stack according to size (twin, full, queen, king) or by the room you use the sheets in (master bedroom, guest room.)
  • Hang cleaned & ironed table runners & smaller expensive table clothes on hangers but remove the plastic.
  • Check towels for stains. If they exist, soak in Oxy Clean to brighten whites or give them away.
  • To keep your closets functioning optimally, re-examine them every six months.

Home Office:
  • Scan important documents regularly to avoid a giant pile of paper. Be aware of how long you need to keep items.
  • After you receive end of year consolidated statements for your tax return, shred and trash bank, brokerage, credit card, phone, pay stubs and utility statements. Even better, save a tree and check to see if they offer paperless online statements.*
  • After seven years, shred and trash 401k statements, IRA contributions, purchase records for investments, child-care records and flexible spending account documentation, records of houses sold, charitable donations documents and tax returns & back up.*
  • As long as you own an asset, keep its records.*
  • Consider getting a safety deposit box or safe for the forever documents like adoption papers, appraisals, birth certificates, custody agreements, deeds, divorce papers, financial aid docs, list of credit card numbers & financial accounts, insurance policies, list of contacts, power of attorney, stock certificates, wills and living wills.*


  • Toss old cosmetics that are expired, damaged or you never use.
  • If you have shower curtain, check the liner to see if it needs replacing.

  • Take everything out of the pantry, check for expiration dates and wipe the shelving clean.
  • Get rid of anything your haven't used in a long time or that is damaged. Feng Shui is not a fan of anything broken in the kitchen.
  • Stack platters by shape so they are easier to find come party time.
  • Get small baskets to hold small pantry items like vitamins and medicines so they are easy to find.
images via Martha

February is for getting my home office in optimal order :)

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