Thursday, March 17, 2011

Travel Inspiration: Irish blessings

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence but I am back with a deeper focus and excited to be back. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I thought I would share some of the highlights of my unforgettable 2009 Ireland trip. I miss my dear Irish friend Siobhan badly and I adore her father Patty. He is the definition of traditional Irish cool. I was fortunate to have Siobhan as my personal tour guide and travel the beautiful country as if I were a local. It's the best and only way to travel!  No stereotypical bland pub grub for me on this trip.  You just need to know where to go :).  Enjoy my memories!

Springtime blooms in Limerick where I met up with Siobhan. 
Every home has a unique name and I couldn't resist photographing this one :)
Gates and abundant vines and blooms were everywhere
On to Dublin! Love the symmetrical Georgian architecture.
St. Stephen's Green
Dublin church next to a fantastic tapas restaurant called Salamanca
Having breakfast with Patty (sporting his new Dior sunglasses) in Dublin after a late night out 
Georgian style architecture lining the streets of Dublin
Loving the ironwork at this Black Rock home on our walk along the sea. Just 45 minutes outside of Dublin
Rare sunny days at the sea on our walk to Dun Laoghaire
Pretty pastels on our walk along the sea to Dun Laoghaire
We finally made it to drinks & food on the water for sunset at Hartley's. We laughed all night!! 

Gorgeous church on our way to shopping in Monkstown just outside of Dublin

Adorable boutique Seagreen for clothes and home decor as well as a cafe for a quick espresso boost

All of my acqua loving friends would have adored this clothing/home boutique
The ladies room covered in a Osborne & Little-ish type of wallpaper

Adorable town of Dalkey

1905 Dalkey Dispensary now a Starbucks

On to the quaint town of Doolin.  Enjoying some sun in four layers on our walk down to the sea (while it lasted)
Too cute!
McDermott's Pub in Doolin
The wild sea in Doolin. Never seen such a stormy sea!
Words cannot express the intensity of the wind & sea in Doolin this day
Having lunch at the Burren Perfumery after a wet and cold morning hike at the Burren.
Wall mural in Ballyvaughan
The breathtaking Cliffs of Moher. Misty this day but I am sure even better when it is sunny
Wild flowers growing leaving Kinvara for Galway

Packed streets of Galway
Galway Cathedral
Have you been to Ireland? If so, where is your favorite spot?

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  1. I live in Ireland and it's great to see it through fresh eyes. Makes me remember to appreciate it


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