Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Love: Missoni By the Sea

I don't know anyone who wouldn't want a fantastic summer holiday frolicking by the sea in something  from Missoni. Every vacation wardrobe needs a little Missoni in it to be complete. After hitting up the LA Missoni Friends & Family sale last week looking for a new bikini, I ended up getting an adorable tunic that I will live in all summer in LA. To get the best out of your Missoni bikinis, it's advised not to swim in them. It sounds ridiculous but they lose shape when they get wet often.  Look for the Missoni Mare (italian for sea) collections to find all of the bathing suits and caftans for your summer holiday. These are some of my favorites from Missoni that are in stores now. Which is your favorite? I cannot get enough of all of the color!

I couldn't find this in either LA Missoni stores so go to in the link below

Sit down for these next items all you Missoni addicts! I just purchased a pair of these fantastic Missoni Havaianas and LOVE them. Match made in heaven! They are sold out on the Havaiana web site but if your in LA, both Beverly Hills and Malibu just got them in stock yesterday but they are going fast.  I was told that the LA Nordstrom Grove MIGHT get them.  For Angela Missoni, “Brazil and Italy have many things in common, that’s why the partnership with Havaianas. The idea of a meeting between two icons and two cultures has inspired the concept and colours of the designs, from the packaging to the flip flops”, said the italian designer.

Or dry yourself off with a Missoni beach towel - 
LA Missoni stores carry these Missoni Morgan beach towels or go to
The Missoni Lola beach towel
The Missoni Hugo beach towel

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