Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Behind the Scenes: High Gloss Mag photo shoot Part 4

The one room in my home that I took a colorful risk with paint was my home office.  After an inspirational trip to Italy and Greece, I painted my office this electric blue color to inject a happy vibe into the space. It makes me smile and always gives a bit of a shock factor. It's a smaller room so if I ever tire of the color, it will be easy to change :).

Los Angeles Map art from 20x200. File box from Container Store.

I wanted to keep the drapes simple to balance the wall color but I added a fuchsia pom pom trim that was placed over a gray pleated ribbon for a one of kind drapery banding
Below are additional photos from other rooms in my home.
An old pic of my office before I put my feng shui analysis to work :). Now my desk faces west and the sofa is on the other side of the room.

hope you liked the additional shots and sources!! As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below or post a comment on my Facebook page :). 


  1. I have enjoyed these posts! Thanks for sharing all the sources with us.

  2. Your welcome :). Glad you enjoyed them!

  3. I love the bedding. Would you mind sharing details? Thank you!

  4. I totally loved this issue of High Gloss! and was so inspired by your office!!! Im in the middle of an office makeover myself and studied every inch of your photos!!
    I have enjoyed perusing your blog! good stuff!

  5. I love your home! Thanks for all of the resources too, I want that area rug!!!

  6. Love...Love...Love...your design style.....Mad talent!

  7. thanks for all the additional details! love the use of feng shui too!

  8. Oh my I am in the middle of a move and frustrated as ever with trying to figure things and your home is so inspiring. Makes me what to just set fire to everything we have and have a good ol burn party and start fresh (joking of course). There are so many beautiful and perfect details to your home! Where did you get those beautiful pillows (aqua and white) on the bed?

  9. Tammy -
    The bed shams are by Matouk. You can find them online. Thanks for all the awesome feedback everyone!!


  10. I love the pom pom's for the curtain. I wish I could see what it looks like from a wide shot perspective to see the whole curtain. Do you have a photo that would show that? Pom pom's are do chic!!

    1. I would love to see a wide shot at those pom pom's too! The home office surely look great with the electric blue. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I don't see the pattern on the Matouk website. Do they not sell it anymore?


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