Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tabletop Treasures: Glam Glasses

I must admit I go absolutely gaga for glassware with a twist. Creating a stylish tabletop is super fun for me and I love sipping from style worthy spirits. The glasses in this post would add a splash of fun to any party and surely have your guests talking. My addiction for glam glasses gets even worse during the holiday seasons when the style factor gets turned up a few notches! I couldn't resist sharing some of these beauties. I am wishing I had all of them for my tabletop this holiday season :). 

Hula glasses

Tour de style.... Perfect for the cycling enthusiasts
Jazzino glasses
Low ball glasses
Capri Wine Glasses
Day Champagne Glasses


  1. Love, love,love!!!! Great glasses for holiday parties!

  2. my favorite are the bicycle ones..! :)




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