Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday: Tree Trimming

Source: Meghan Beierle-O'Brien for Toujours Magazine

I have decorated two trees in one week so I am dishing on tree trimming today. I am sure most of you have already decorated your tree, but I am sharing tips for those with tree trimming still on their to do list. The photo above was the tree I decorated for the Toujours Magazine Holiday Decorating Guide but since my photographer Meghan Beierle-O'Brien arrived after the tree was finished, I wasn't able to document how I built it. So yesterday when I decorated for friend and client LSG, I made sure I had extra helpers on hand to take photos of the stages of decorating the tree to share with you. The photos aren't professional like Meghan's, but I think you will get the point :).

We added a tree to the grand two story foyer for a festive welcome and decided on a faux one this year.
First up was adding real greenery to the faux tree to fill the gaps and add a living element. The fresh scent helps too. You could add holly, real berry branches, magnolia leaves, etc.
I started layering the fresh greenery from the bottom up and made sure to include it in the back they have a 360 view of the tree as they go up and down the staircase. I added noble fur and spruce.
Try using a wide ribbon or in my case, a wide metallic netting, which hides wires and gaps in between the branches. I unravelled the entire thing, had LSG hold one end, and then started from the top down as she helped guide it around the tree.
It is best to work from the top down and let the netting fall naturally. I didn't fuss or force it as I wrapped it around the tree.  My preference is too keep it as wide as possible. Think of it as a scarf for the tree :)
Be sure to check that it is equally spaced. As you can see in this photo,  I had to adjust the top layer because it wasn't equally spaced with the middle one. 
Then it was time for the tippy top of the tree. We put aside the traditional star for this tree and went with jewel toned magnolia picks found at the craft store. Also use these picks throughout the entire tree to fill in the gaps. Add all your ornaments, your tree skirt and your done! With the netting and the picks, we didn't need very many ornaments.
Daisy and Jazzy were very happy with the final result and were such good girls as we worked :). Since LSG will have TONS of presents for under the tree, we kept the skirt basic since it will disappear. For a larger fancier skirt, purchase silk taffteta fabric in a matching jewel tone.
Close up of some of the jolly jewel tones

Simple but modern boxwood wreath with a little jingle bell monogram sparkle.
Add a colorful satin ribbon for a finished look.

I would love to know... Are you using a real or faux tree this year and what is your color scheme for your tree?

Happy Holidays!



  1. the netting on the trees!

  2. What a great guide! I never thought to add real greenery to the fake tree, and I will definitely give that a shot next year. What do you do to keep it from drying up too quickly indoors? I would love to know!

    Thanks, Erin

  3. Great idea adding the greenery to the faux tree. We always have a live tree but I have clients who use faux trees. Love the netting!

  4. Hey Erin-
    The only thing you can do is spray water on fresh greenery to keep them moist. Direct sun is really bad for fresh greenery as well so hopefully your tree isn't near a window. I would recommend adding the greenery right before you have a party so that it looks fresh. Or try to keep it outside if you live in cooler weather in a bucket of water. Hope this helps!


  5. Thanks Emily! Of course my tree is by a window :) Only to try and complicate things more! I appreciate the advice and cannot wait to give it a try.


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