Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday: Decorating Tips

I had too much fun on the Toujours Magazine Holiday Decorating Guide photo shoot not to share additional tips and behind the scenes details of getting my home all spruced up for Christmas.  Today's post will focus on the wreaths featured in magazine photographed by Meghan Beierle-O'Brien. To be completely honest, this shoot was pulled together in a day and half so I used decor items that I already owned except for the fresh greenery and flowers. I was a busy little elf working quickly! So no excuses... you can do it too! Below are some tips on how to deck your halls quickly this season.  I hope you find inspiration to create unique ways to decorate your own homes this holiday season. I am back at it again tomorrow for a client so check my twitter page for updates :). 


  1. Fresh wreaths are not just for your front door. Add them to mirrors, inside doors and above mantles.
  2. Since I didn't have a hook on the mirror, I looped a satin ribbon around the wreath to hang it. No nails necessary :). Use at least a 3 inch wide satin or grosgrain ribbon. (no wire)
  3. If you do have a hook to hang the wreath, still use the ribbon to give a decorative effect or use the ribbon to cover up the wreath door hanger. The ribbon is an easy way to add in color.
  4. I like the fresh greenery to steal the show but I added aqua and celadon green ornaments for some special sparkle. Pick your favorite ornaments in your color scheme and hang each by their own 1/4 in ribbon in varying lengths. Knot them all together, and tie the bundle to the wreath. I used a combination of mercury glass, glitter and glass balls.
  5. Be sure to spray your fresh wreaths everyday with water to keep them fresh. The wreath dries out quickly inside if it gets direct sunlight so be careful where you place it.
  6. For an extra special festive touch, I used red lipstick to write merry messages on the mirrors. No worries... the lipstick wipes off easily :). I also did the same thing in my hall bathroom for a surprise.
  7. Try a new wreath shape and go for a square one for a more modern look. You can find them at your local flower mart or build it yourself with a square frame. I also found one in the shape of a candy cane for those with more of a whimsical style.

I chose boxwood wreaths for the dining area for a more formal feel. The leaf color also went very well with the tablescape

In this dessert table wreath I chose the traditional greenery of noble fir but the square shape kept it modern.
To mix things up I went with a swag (sometimes called a door charm) for the Foyer. For consistency, I added the ornaments as well. 

I am off to the Maison de Luxe showhouse at the Greystone Mansion to participate in a holiday decorating panel discussion led by celebrity chef and lifestyle guru Lulu Powers.  I will be back tomorrow with more behind the scenes tips from the photo shoot and a recap of what we chat about today on the panel! Let me know if you have any questions or need further tips!!


  1. Obsessed with your outfit! and all of those amazing spreads :) Love it!


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