Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday: Merry Tablescapes

As you prepare to gather around the table with friends and family this Christmas, here are a few tips on creating tablescapes that will put smiles on your guests faces this holiday season. Whether it is a buffet table, or sit down or even a dessert table, pull together some unconventional items that you already own for a bit of a surprise.

  1. Gather up all of your cake stands to display your cookies, brownies and all other holiday treats for a festive presentation
  2. Use apothecary jars that you normally use for soaps, bath salts or shells and put candy in them for a special touch
  3. Add holiday decorations like ornaments, candles and wreaths that you have used throughout the house and repeat them on the table for continuity. 
  4. In this candy cane themed dessert table, I leveraged the red and white of the candy cane and repeated it throughout. Then added purple and pink for a unique color blend.
  5. Add anything you have in mercury glass, silver or mirror to the table for extra sparkle against the candlelight
  6. For the buffet table, I used a vintage silver cake stand to give some height to the arrangement. It is also great to mix new and old things together. I also folded a white tablecloth I already owned into a runner so that I didn't have to purchase a runner.
  7. Rather than just placing buffet plates on the table, display them on a tray first or use a wall mirror as a tray.
  8. Find any clear glass vases or containers and fill them with glittery ornaments to add color to the table.
  9. Pull branches of holly and winterberry from outdoors along with pinecones for adding natural elements. I added outdoor white urns for an unusual look. You could also add succulents if you don't have time to pick up fresh flowers or greenery.
  10. If you are in a pinch for time, grab every candle stick you own and create a simple row of candles all in the same color down the center of the table. Sometimes keeping it simple is just as glamourous.

Hope these tabletop tips and photos from my article in Toujours Magazine help you with your last minute holiday preparations! Wishing you good health and happiness this holiday season :).



  1. I am glad to have visited your post.Your tips were really helpful in celebrating the Christmas in a smooth way yet in a joyful way.I decorated house with many beautiful balloons.

  2. I'm new to this whole tablescape thing,so, I am searching relevant ideas over the web.Its nice to find your blog,the decoration ideas given here are awesome.I love the natural elements and the use of candles.Blessings, Carry on the good job.


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