Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cozy Coverlets

Whenever choosing bedding for clients I always lean toward cozy comfortable coverlets and blankets with a hint of color. Even if you live in cooler weather and need a down comforter, having a coverlet underneath it as a base looks divine.  I have been getting lots of questions about bedding lately so I wanted to post some of my favorites. These are silky smooth and perfect for cuddling up when it is time to catch some z's. 
My favorite brand. So incredibly soft ... Ava Quilt from Matouk
Serene colors for a calming bed. Barbara Barry Dream Silk Coverlet

Wishing all colors were still available. Love the turquoise color!  Sky Pintuck Quilt
Perfect option for the boys... Hudson Park Minigrid Coverlet

Just added this one to my favorite coverlet list. So many colors!! Homesource
More colorful options from Ann Gish
Very similar to the one I own in my master bedroom. SO silky smooth! Court of Versailles
Amelia by Sferra
For those clients with a smaller budget, I recently found this super silky soft coverlet at Target for a male client in a masculine brown color. Only Aqua blue shown online though. Such a great price for the quality!

Fieldcrest @ Target

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