Saturday, January 28, 2012

Swatch Watch: Color Blending Tips #1

135 by LA based artist Michelle Oppenheimer
I am expanding on my color matching tips from my Toujours Magazine Color Issue article to give you more advice on mixing color of the year Tangerine Tango with other complimentary hues. I could not have found a better representation of my first tangerine tango color blend than this painting by LA based artist Michelle Oppenheimer. I love how she uses color and I am a big fan of the emotion behind her art. Be sure to check out her site if you love colorful abstract art as well. 
    Fabrics by Duralee

    1. Keep walls neutral with modern grays. I will share my favorite gray paint colors in a future post.
    2. Use fabrics as a way to introducing a blend of purple and fuchsia into the space.
    3. Look for coffee table books in these hues as colorful accents. Always remove the paper jacket to see if an interesting color is hiding underneath.
    4. Happy hued boxes, throws and candles in these colors are also easily found to add spice.
    5. Consider covering a pillow in a solid purple fabric with a contrasting orange welt.

    Hope these tips were helpful! Let me know if you have other questions.


    1. Great post Emily! love all those colors. Have been enjoying reading the Toujours mag.
      Hope you are doing well!!

      1. Thanks Amanda! I still owe you all the "coffee with" answers. I haven't forgotten:)
        Hope you are well!


    2. Emily, I love this pairing but didn't know of the artist. I'll admit I don't know anything about art...I just know what I like. This is stunning,

    3. Love this collection by Eillen Boyd


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