Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Swatch Watch: Color Blending Tip #4

Image Source: Pinterest
This is the fourth and final color blend that I came up with for my article on tangerine tango in the color issue of Toujours Magazine and had so much fun posting my inspirations that I may make this a regular feature :).  There are few fabric manufactures who have a ton of choices in these colors but I reigned my excitement in and kept it short and sweet. Sometimes the colors and fabrics that I choose come from nature based inspirations like gorgeous flowers, coastlines and sunsets that are abundant in Los Angeles.  I find this color blend to be gender neutral and the choices of fabrics are endless! Enjoy!

Fabric Source: F. Schumacher
Fabric Source: F. Schumacher


  1. Love blue and orange together! Really like the patterns you selected as well -- beautiful!


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