Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tips for Celebrating in Color

Party favorites included mint lemonade signature drink, magenta peonies and colorful balloons 
I shared my birthday party inspirations here and promised pictures from the actual event so here is a small sample of some of the decor items and flowers that I used. I have also included some tips for colorful celebrating this summer. I couldn't have asked for a more fantastic birthday celebration with amazing friends. The peonies I purchased definitely stole the show :). Enjoy!

The peonies get lighter in color as they open more and more

Ingredients for Celebrating in Color:

1. Select a colorful theme and carry it from the invitation to the flowers and all the way to the bar.
2. Colorful glassware
3. A vibrant signature drink
4. Colorful candles... no white
5. Votives everywhere, including the bar
6. Layer tabletops and bar with colorful trays 
7. Intensely hued tablecloths and runners
8. Clear glass bowels of lemons, limes and mint for the bar 
9. Large vibrant flowers
10. White platters and bowls to showcase the food

What is your favorite flower to use for parties? Enter a comment below and let me know.

Photo Source: Emily Ruddo of Armonia Decors

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Grateful for our freedom and thinking of those who do serve and have served for our country. Happy Memorial Day!

Photo Source: Pinterest

Friday, May 25, 2012

Birthday Party Inspirations

I am super excited about celebrating my birthday all weekend long on this sunny Los Angeles memorial day weekend. Having a birthday fall on a holiday weekend sometimes is challenging but this year lots of friends will be celebrating with me for a big birthday bash. So I thought I would share some of the inspirations for the birthday party theme. I will hopefully have some pictures to share with you of how it all turned out :). As I look ahead to a new year, I am reflecting on these inspirational thoughts to keep me on track. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

A girly birthday party theme of shades of orange, pink and purple with hints of turquoise

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bathroom Beauties: Calacutta Marble Obsession

I have been working on kitchen and bathroom remodel projects lately and these are a few beauties that I would love to install in my own home. I am completely obsessed with calacutta marble!  Most people love carrara marble but the warm tones of calacutta are really catching my eye lately. Calacutta marble works well with back in style brass hardware or nickel. The hexagon tile and smaller 2x4 subway tiles are also at the top of my list and repeating a similar pattern with octagon shaped hardware completes the look. The combination of the crystal faucets and glam rock crystal sconces provide the sophisticated glamour that every bathroom deserves. If you are considering either marbles, below are a few differences between the two.
  1. In general, Carrara tends to be grayer with softer veining, while Calacatta is whiter with bolder more dramatic veining.
  2. Calacatta is rarer than Carrara and is considered a luxury stone.
  3. With Carrara marble the gray veining tends to be smaller, more linear and finer.
  4. Carrara also tends to look more gray
  5. Ask for at least three samples of the current lot to see the shade variation.

Photo Source: Emily Ruddo, Kallista & Urban Archeology

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Inspiration...

Photo Source: Tumblr/EmilyRuddo

Bookcase Breakdown

I am back on COCOCOZY.com guest posting about a few bookcase styling tips but you are getting the full tip list here friends. I must admit one of the favorite parts of my job is styling. Once I have found just the right accessories, putting them all together is super fun. The first thing I do is shop my clients own homes. I look for a theme in their interests and passions. Consolidating this inventory of items into a cohesive group is the trick for making bookshelves shine. Below is a full list of styling tips to consider in making over your bookcases or shelves.

Bookcase Styling Tips:
  1. Arrange your favorite things to display that show your guests who you are and edit out the rest.
  2. Consolidate items that are scattered throughout the home. Your collection will have more impact and look organized if grouped.
  3. Items you refer to regularly should be on reachable shelves for organization efficiency.
  4. Add something living to one of the shelves like fresh flowers or a small plant.
  5. Repeat similar shapes and colors on each shelf for consistency if you have a theme
  6. Colorful objects offer visual interest to a white back or mirrored back bookcase.
  7. Install lights for a moody nighttime show of your favorite objects. 
  8. Glass shelving is great for shorter width bookcases and for allowing light to filter down
  9. To create dimension in small space or reflect light, install mirror on the back of the bookcase. Be sure to edit though because too many items will look cluttered with the mirror
  10. If color or a focal point is needed, use wallpaper on the back instead.
  11. For a bold statement, paint the bookcase a deep blue or gray.
  12. If your short on space, use labeled colorful boxes to store stuff in style and avoid clutter.
  13. Remove book jackets to see if a colorful and unique book lies underneath

Feel fee to send me any questions about styling your own home! Check out my pinterest page for more inspirational images.

Photo Source: Emily Ruddo of Armonia Decors, Photographed by Meghan Beierle-O'Brien

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Swatch Watch: John Robshaw for Duralee

Hi Friends!
I took a break from the blog for a bit but I am back this week with some topics that I have been meaning to share for months! Between client work, events, travel to the east coast and business stuff, I had a hard time keeping up so sorry for the silence.  John Robshaw's new line for Duralee has gotten all kinds of buzz and I agree with all of the rave reviews. I had a chance to meet and chat him up about the new collection during LA's Westweek event hosted by the Pacific Design Center back in April. He literally wears his brand well... the jacket in the photo below is from his own fabric :).  Below are just a few of my favorites from the collection. I would love to hear what you think of the new fabric line so post a comment below.

At the Duralee Showroom back in March chatting up John Robshaw about his new collection

These photos are of the John Robshaw textile collection displayed at Los Angeles based showroom Hollywood at Home. The horizontal panels of fabric took my breath away when I walked in the showroom for the House Beautiful and Hollywood at Home party during Westweek.

Fun day with my designer friends Shelly Van Rozeboom and Amy Meier! We had a blast hanging with John :)

Later that night at the House Beautiful and Hollywood at Home party with the lovely Amy Meier surrounded by plum John Robshaw walls
Swatch Source: Duralee
Photo Source: Emily Ruddo
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