Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tips for Celebrating in Color

Party favorites included mint lemonade signature drink, magenta peonies and colorful balloons 
I shared my birthday party inspirations here and promised pictures from the actual event so here is a small sample of some of the decor items and flowers that I used. I have also included some tips for colorful celebrating this summer. I couldn't have asked for a more fantastic birthday celebration with amazing friends. The peonies I purchased definitely stole the show :). Enjoy!

The peonies get lighter in color as they open more and more

Ingredients for Celebrating in Color:

1. Select a colorful theme and carry it from the invitation to the flowers and all the way to the bar.
2. Colorful glassware
3. A vibrant signature drink
4. Colorful candles... no white
5. Votives everywhere, including the bar
6. Layer tabletops and bar with colorful trays 
7. Intensely hued tablecloths and runners
8. Clear glass bowels of lemons, limes and mint for the bar 
9. Large vibrant flowers
10. White platters and bowls to showcase the food

What is your favorite flower to use for parties? Enter a comment below and let me know.

Photo Source: Emily Ruddo of Armonia Decors


  1. I love peonies too at a party (or anywhere, for that matter). Tulips too. A fun thing that I do is go out to my garden (a little hard to do in the winter, although the boxwood is always available) and pick whatever is blooming. It makes a beautiful bouquet and a great conversation piece!

    1. I long for the day to have a garden full of flowers that I can cut and bring inside :)

  2. I just absolutely love,love,love the poppies, wanted to print for summer frame for counter top in 'new kitchen'. But, couldn't capture the vibrance of your photo. BooHoo!! So enjoy your blog.

    1. Hi sringergirl! I haven't used poppies yet. I will have to put them on the list to try :). Thanks for the comment and hanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. I love peonies too, they smell fantastic. For parties I also can`t resist baby roses. I like your striped tray, balloons and blue ice bucket tres chic. But what no bday cake to show? Was hoping to see something yummy and delicious!

    Happy belated bday.


    1. Hi Mikky! Thanks for the birthday wishes over on COCOCOZY! I do have shot of the birthday cake but it was at night and the picture wasn't good enough for the blog. I did a pink ombre icing cake. 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 chocolate inside. I will have to pin it to my pinterest party prep board so you can check it out. It was SO yummy!!!



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