Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Colorful Living: Colorful Cozy Throws

It's an unusual windy chilly day today in Los Angeles so I am gravitating towards anything cozy to cuddle up with to stay warm and these Designer Guild throws would be perfect. I am always on the hunt for colorful accessories like throws as accents for spaces and these do not disappoint. Other than those offered up by Missoni, it is difficult to find a multi colored throw that is unique for a bed or a sitting area in a bedroom. I like to keep the bedding white or light and then use colorful throws as accents.  The calming zen vibe is still achieved even with small amounts of color. These would also stand out well in a neutral hued living room or den.

This one might be my favorite because it has so many colors to pair up with.

This one is perfect for those who like to stay with neutral hues

This one is masculine enough for the boys.

I would love to pair this one with purple or gray accents
The blue stripes would fit in perfectly at a coastal retreat

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Sending you lots of love today. Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Colorful Living: Ravishing Rugs

I typically choose rugs that more natural and neutral and let the fabrics do the talking but, when I find a show stopper rug like these from the Designer Guild, the upholstery goes neutral and the rug is the attention grabber. Designer Guild is known for colorful fabrics and rugs and these do not disappoint if you are looking for a wow factor for your dining or living room. These wool blend rugs are soft on your bare feet and full of style.

Images Source: Designer Guild

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Colorful Living: Passionate Purple Color Blend

My eye has been attracted to anything plum, purple or lavender these days.  It's an unusual pairing but I am loving how it looks next to an aqua blue color. Can't wait to start using this color pairing for a client! Above are some of my inspirations for this color blend. I paired up purple in this previous post and haven't stopped thinking about it.  How do you feel about deep plums and purples in home decor? I will be back with more on this color blend with fabrics and accessory ideas in these hues. Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Swatch Watch: Color Blending Tip #4

Image Source: Pinterest
This is the fourth and final color blend that I came up with for my article on tangerine tango in the color issue of Toujours Magazine and had so much fun posting my inspirations that I may make this a regular feature :).  There are few fabric manufactures who have a ton of choices in these colors but I reigned my excitement in and kept it short and sweet. Sometimes the colors and fabrics that I choose come from nature based inspirations like gorgeous flowers, coastlines and sunsets that are abundant in Los Angeles.  I find this color blend to be gender neutral and the choices of fabrics are endless! Enjoy!

Fabric Source: F. Schumacher
Fabric Source: F. Schumacher

More Book Styling Tips ...

I am sharing book styling tips for your home today over on the COCOCOZY blog so be sure to click on over and check it out. The photos on Coco's blog are of my work and photographed by Meghan Beierle-O'Brien. I am very grateful to Coco for letting me share my tips on her blog. She is a gem! Have you seen her latest pillows and textile designs? I am using some of her bedding shams on a project and my client loves them! Be sure to check them out. I am dishing out additional styling tips using books here on today's blog post.  Books don't need to be on a shelf in a library to be read :). Enjoy!

Keep brightly covered cookbooks out for additional color rather than stuffed in a cabinet.

Organizing and displaying your most inspirational books isn't just for show... it increases their beauty and access to read them rather than being hidden away. Choose your favorite ones and display those. There are no rules so do what makes you happy.

The collection of books on hobbies of surfing and sailing are vast in this Santa Barbara home. Keeping low stacks below the flat screen tv make them accessible for reading. The coastal themed is continued with added accessories.

I would love to get your feedback for future posts so enter your comments either here or over at COCOCOZY and let me know what you think of the guest blog post and what other topics you want me to cover in the next post.


Photo Source: Armonia Decors

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Live Love: Scents & Trays

Heart tray

This is a perfect little tray to place on your bedside table, dresser or entry table. It's a great little gift for a loved one. I love using small trays for tabletops to keep things neat and tidy. And every home needs a signature scent that you love. The eyes AND the nose need to feel the love in your home. Mine is Diptyque's Feu de Bois. Place your favorite scent in your entry and living room so that you and your guests notice it as soon as you enter your home. I like to place my candle on a cute tray so that the warm candle doesn't harm the tabletop surface. It also makes the presentation a lot more special.

Heart Tray

Nina Campbell Heart Tray


What scent do you love for your home?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Live Love: Love Bookends

These are going on the bookcase of one of my adorable clients. She is only 5 and is very involved her room design. So adorable! What an excellent reminder for a young child to wake up everyday with a reminder that they are loved. I want these for my office :).

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Live Love: Eco Wrapping Paper

Welcome to February! This month I am sharing all the things that inspire me when it come to loving. Love of a family member, a friend, a career, a pet, a hobby, a travel destination, etc.  I covered happiness in my January Sunday Inspiration blog series and now it seems fitting to focus on how to fill your homes with love during February. As well as giving love.  Live Love and don't feel pressured from all the V-Day hype.  Keep it simple friends.

Eco Love Wrapping Paper
To ease into, it I am sharing this wrapping paper that would be perfect for those small Valentine's Day sentiments you give your loved ones. I would actually use these for any gift giving occasion! It is hand-screened and hand-blocked making it easy on the planet since it is made entirely of recycled materials. And the matching ribbon below is adorable!

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